☾ Andrea 18 México ☆ . ☆ . ☆ Close my eyes Time breathes I can hear All love and sadness melt in my heart



When in my life I got totally lost the one who was able to help me was him with his voice and his words. Every word from his songs could speak also about my life, literally. I don’t like him because he’s the singer or because of his voice. No. I just like the way he is. In those songs i could find an answer for each of my questions and so coming alive again. If now i’m this person and i’m here alive it’s because of this man. I will never be thankful enough for helping me with his music. Happy birthday Taka-san, have the best day ever with friends and family! Best wishes for the future!

いつもいちばん言いたいことは 胸がつまり上手く言えないよ、
どんなこともしてあげれたら いつかはさ 見つけれたらいいのにね。

My chest is never good at saying the things I want to say the most,
I hope I can find the words, someday, so that I can give them to you.